Policy on Advertising


The icom7.com community sites contain a lot of places where anyone can contribute text to discussions and documentation.
To keep these sites enjoyable for everyone to use, we have some policies on advertising that all participants should understand:


* Describing commercial affiliations in profiles is welcome

All participants are welcome (as part of their self-disclosuretothe community) to write about and even link to their company and othercommercial affiliations as part of their description in the forum's user profile. It helps us all understand who we are speaking with.

* Mentioning commercial products and services in discussions is OK

All participants are welcome to write about and link to commercial products or services (Icom7.com-related or not, yours or otherwise) if it's in the natural context of a discussion such as an answer to a question. This is not seen as advertising.

* Unsolicited advertisements will be deleted

No-one should post unsolicited and blatant advertisements for products and services with no appropriate context. Moderators will delete any such blog entries, forum discussions, docs or other unwanted content when they find it. This applies to Icom7.com services just as much as it applies to diet pills and stock tips.

* Official advertising is designed to support the International Business Community (Icom7.com) project

The icom7.com permits different types of official advertising to takes place on Icom7.com sites:

  • Icom7.com Partners have banner advertisements on most pages that are targeted to users based on their country location. This privilege is one of the benefits Icom7.com Partners get for paying royalties to the Icom7.com Community.
  • We welcome the donations of the Companies and individuals to the International Business Community.